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  • 产品公告#110Quantum products which utilize Adobe Flash will encounter issues when Flash EOL’s on January 12th, 2021.
  • 产品公告#107Quantum产品的推荐清洁说明
    Apr 2020

Disk Based Products

  • 产品提醒#54DXi systems using software version 4.1.0 might be at risk of data corruption when using Synthetic backup operations.


  • 产品公告#108光纤通道主机do not reconnect after an F2000 note fails back
    Apr 2020

StorNext Product Alerts

  • StorNext Product Alert #52磁盘擦洗间隔设置可能会导致驱动器和影响性能的过度磨损。
    Jul 2020
  • StorNext Product Alert #51 sgoffload.andsgdefrag.可以损坏包含驻留在命名流中的资源叉子的文件
  • StorNext Product Alert #50Potential data missing on tape device
  • StorNext Product Alert #49预定删除来自受管文件系统的文件的非活动实例可以删除比被配置为删除的内容。
    Apr 2018
  • StorNext Product Alert #48Problem: Data within a managed file system may not be protected when using StorNext
    Jun 2017
  • StorNext Product Alert #47问题:从StorNext 4.x升级到StorNext 5.x应重建Metadump。
    Aug 2016
  • StorNext Product Alert #46不完整的恢复和/或损坏的metadump
  • StorNext Product Alert #45In rare cases, StorNext Storage Manager customers may encounter a Linux problem that can cause a duplicate data block. The problem is isolated to instances where a pse_snapshot is collected during a store to tape. No data is lost, but intervention is required to correctly retrieve the entire file and remove the duplicate block.
    Mar 2014
  • StorNext Product Alert #44Before upgrading from a StorNext release prior to 4.2.2 to 4.2.2 or later, the file system may need a special cvfsck binary executed to repair some of the inodes.
    Aug 2013
  • StorNext Product Alert #43 CVCP.不验证命令行参数的数量,如果未正确使用,可能会导致它覆盖文件。
    Aug 2013
  • StorNext Product Alert #42After upgrading from Linter to MySQL, primary keys in database tables are missing.
    Mar 2013
  • StorNext Product Alert #41在存储文件时,请勿在Storage Manager环境中更改或删除源复制策略。
  • StorNext Product Alert #39碎片整理或迁移存根文件时潜在的数据完整性问题
    Apr 2012


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