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Quantum is pleased to present at the upcomingTech Field Day, held virtually on Dec 9th.

Tech Field Day is an event unlike any other in the industry. At each Tech Field Day, a group of technical influencers and experts, called delegates, participate with leading IT vendors to explore products and their technical underpinnings. There are no sales pitches or marketing presentations at Tech Field Day events. Instead, vendors provide a deep dive into their product architectures and give the delegates the opportunity to probe deeper via live questions which represent the perspectives of technical end users. These events are open to anyone to watch live, and all the presentations are made public shortly after the event.

At the next event, Quantum will share another significant step in our vision to lead in video and unstructured data solutions and represent a key shift in focus from ‘storing’ data to ‘managing’ data. This event is a great way to learn about Quantum’s underlying technology that differentiates ActiveScale from other products.

Follow along live via twitter @TechFieldDay oronline在以下时段。

Time (PT) Section Speaker
8:00AM Quantum Company Overview Ed Fiore, Primary Storage, General Manager
8:20AM Object Storage and ActiveScale Introduction Thomas Demoor,ActiveScale Lead Architect
9:00AM ActiveScale Layered Architecture Thomas Demoor,ActiveScale, Lead Architect
9:20 AM ActiveScale Product Summary Thomas Demoor,ActiveScale, Lead Architect
9:30AM ActiveScale – Product Demonstration Sherman Schorzman,ActiveScale Technical Marketing Engineer

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